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Magic and Story
by Deepak Roy Chowdhury

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Magic and Story by Deepak Roy Chowdhury

Excerpt from the Preface:

Magic is an art. And I believe art depicts life. So it is obvious that magic must also depict life. But a mere trick can not depict life. Hence a trick is not art.

The trick with its secret and the strength within it to create surprise is a mere gadget. Utilising this gadget (trick) the magician creates the art which is called Magic. It has got similarity to other art forms also. A Painter creates a picture with brush and colour. A Sitar Player plays a sitar to create Ragas. Similarly the Magician creates Magic with the use of a trick. The more the presentation approaches life, the more the Magician receives appreciation.

Chekov to Charlie Chaplin, Rabindranath to Ravishankar, Picasso to P.C. Sorcar, all the great artists of all times had tried to approach nearer and nearer to life through their creations. An artist may depict life from a perspective which is different or unique, but it is his interpretation of life as he sees it.

To acquire the ability to do a trick neatly is not all there is to Magic. It is only one essential and inevitable part of Magic. If one masters this part, he merely becomes a good demonstrator, but not a Magician. Because another part, and the most vital part of magic is yet to be mastered, popularly known as presentation.

  • Preface
  • Ek Jadugar Ki Kahani (The Story of a Magician)
  • Saheed Bedi (The Martyr's Monument)
  • Jadu Lathi Ka Chamatkar (The Miracle Magic Wand)
  • Haawa Se Bane Cake (Cake out of nothing)
  • Khoon Ka Rishta (Blood-Bond Relationships)
  • Tasher Desh (The land of Cards)
  • Meet Deepak Roy Chowdhury

1st edition 1993, PDF 37 pages.
word count: 10506 which is equivalent to 42 standard pages of text