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Deeper Underground
by Scott Xavier

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Deeper Underground by Scott Xavier

Filmed in his Las Vegas Condo, this download DVD is taught as a lecture video that showcases some 'go anywhere' mentalism. From street performing to a crowded bar, theses concepts will make you look like a psychic!

Within this video you'll learn to perform the following miracles:

Fortunate - A lottery ticket prediction in your shoe! Six spectators stand and randomly create a number. It really is quite strange until you pull off your shoe and the number they just selected is the number PRINTED on a lottery ticket in your shoe!

$1.99 Clipboard - A utility clipboard that is ideal for street work and is un-gimmicked but allows an impression using a common object. It can be purchased from Staples or similar.

Hyp-NO-sis - A psychophysiological stop smoking technique to get a spectator to believe that cigarettes or sweets are horrible. Some hypnosis background is a plus but is not necessary. This is a physical non suggestive technique.

The X Drawing Duplication - A close up drawing duplication ideal for table hopping using a remote drawing subliminal story.

The Revolver Deck - The light wright cousin to my outlaw deck. Great for street performers who need a strong opener or mentalism routine.

Street Psychic - The Q and A for lounges or the street. 4-5 people are asked to help and all their questions are answered.

Squared - Create the illusion of being a mental master of mathematics! Square any number in seconds.

Miscellaneous - Various technique updates for Order 66 and previous materials. A great way to get the place for a remote viewing routine.

1st edition 2012, run-time 1 hour.

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