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Duplo: drawing duplication
by José Prager


(2 reviews, 3 customer ratings) ★★★

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Duplo: drawing duplication by José Prager

This is an extremely clever gimmick which you can construct in a matter of minutes. You will probably have to make a quick trip to your office supply store, but it will be worth it. This is probably one of the most clever duplication principle.

Just look at the massive positive feedback this has already received:

"Very simple, direct and organic... This could be done in your birthday suit,with nothing more than a marker and one business card and you never peek the card. Got some ideas brewing on this one for double divinations, but for one assistant, nothing more than a good presentation (whatever style that may be) is needed with the basic handling, for a quick powerful effect." - Steve Haynes

"This is good...very good. I am going to make the gimmick over the weekend and after practicing with it a bit, blow some people away. As to practice, you DO practice everything you get and learn, correct? Anyway, this isn't difficult, but everything requires practice. You can really blow people away with this." - Tony Razzano, Past President, PEA

"This is a very nice and as stated before ORGANIC method. 5 minutes, less than $5 in materials and you are off to the races! The gimmick is super easy to construct and well worth the effort, easily replaced and should last a very long time with care. The reset is almost immediate and when you are done you can be totally clean. Congrats Jose on a very nice combination of tools to get a solid and deceptive effect!" - Max Krausse

"Very nice! Much simpler and more practical than similar methods out there. I will almost certainly be using this." - Alexander Marsh

"In a word, "Organic" in every way. Simple, clean, and easy to do. Well taught. No fluff or filler, just what you need to know." - Steve at

"This is definately sweet. The gimmick is absolutely undectable and unnoticeable. You will definatley get that "WOW" from the spectator with this. As for the reset - well maybe a half a second! That's It! Will take you maybe 2 minutes to make the gimmick. You probably already have what you need to make the gimmick - if not you can obtain the certain something from pretty much any store and for cheap. Once it's made - you will be ready to amaze for a long time! I think Mr. Prager has a definate winner in DUPLO! Now off to make my gimmick!" - RNK at

"This is a very ingenious method, that looks completely fair and is very clean. You really keep the spectator's drawing behind your back the whole time. I particularly like some of the subtleties built into the routine. The gimmick is right in front of the spectator and yet they won't notice anything suspicious about it. I think the clever idea behind this can be applied to various other mentalism effects as well. There are lots of possibilities." - MovieMan at

"Firstly bravo Jose, this is genius and the exact type of effect I like, the method is so in your face yet so deceptive. Very clever thing! Congratulations on a unique method to madness. I love it." - Jason Ketting

"Guys, this is brilliant. I will most definitely use this. It can be performed naked. Anytime. Anywhere. As long as you have one simple gimmick with you. Thank you Jose!" - Gene Tony

"I just picked this up and finished watching the tutorial. At its core, a devious method that will not be suspected. I can already envision a couple ways to routine this that go beyond a basic drawing reveal. I'm actually rather shocked at how good this is." - theinternetguru at TheMagicCafe

"Devious. Simple. Brilliant. There isn't one false move. And it's flexible enough to fit into any kind of presentation." - Dan Mclean

"I just watched the video. It is excellent. Duplo is a very simple and direct effect. The gimmick is extremely easy to make. Duplo is truly deceptive and is easy and quick to reset. Hihgly recommended." - Michael at TheMagicCafe

"I just had the chance to watch the vid, and indeed it's not the same method as Lynch's or Osterlind's! It's better in terms of naturalness! Good job - (very) simple and powerful. I have had some concerns regarding handing out the drawing after the performance, but before I could test it myself José eased my worries. I, too, think the principle is only the tip of the iceberg and its use could be better disguised and woven into some sort of routining...we'll see what ideas spring to my mind the next days... Thanks for sharing!" - Nicolino

"If you liked Osterlind's method, you will love this. When I first saw Osterlind perform his routine, which looks very similar, it fooled me. But there were limitations and conditions which made the effect seem a bit too contrived for my performing tastes. Mr. Prager has eliminated these and made the effect one that appears very natural while being even more deceptive than Osterlind's. I am very happy with this purchase, and if you like drawing duplications that appear completely impromptu (and virtually are), then I am sure you will be too." - lumberjohn at

"Very clever stuff! Nice one José!" - Pete Legend

"Love it, Jose. There isn't an unmotivated move in the routine. The dirty is thoroughly covered. And the method is ingenious. Thanks for releasing this." - MaxfieldsMagic at

"I received this the other day and let me just say that this is fantastic. The best part about it is its simplicity and well thought out method. J has a very clever mind and if he keeps things like this up, then the future of creating mentalism looks to be very promising." - Darren James

"I just watched the video again and it is a well produce video. Great work and simple and to the point! This routine is so natural and organic that it will make a person stop and ponder if you are doing this for real! This is mindreading at its core, bare and natural. Duplo, amazingly simple, clean, smart and fantastic! A new wave of mentalism is on the arising." - Ray Noble

"Very cool indeed and the term "organic" is probably the best description there is. So clean an devious. Well done, Jose!" - Stefan O.

"The structure of the effect is very simple and motivated to make it a perfect piece of impromptu or apparently impromptu mentalism. These are the kinds of effects I love. Great job Jose!" - Steve Suss

"This is pretty good. I just got it and like it a lot. This is a perfect effect to follow a CT as a proof of your powers. This could probably replace a lot of Pads." - Joaquin at

"I have bought this and love the method - very clever. It is so clean and natural. I can't wait to try it out." - (a)ndy at

"And... It's cheap (free as I already have everything), brilliant, simple, and justified. This one will drop perfectly into my impromptu act. Additionally the video is clean, easy to follow, and well edited, without any unnecessary fluff. In just a few minutes I could understand the entire effect and have begun to think of applications. This is solid, simple, and a wonderful tool. Commendable work on a solid release, Jose." - Bill Dekel

"Waiting for the explanation I was thinking.....thinking....and I thought I was close... Bzzzz....Wrong! Nice method which will also fool Mc Guyver!" - Bietfriek at

"Bought it...and will be using it regularly. Thank you Jose!" - Andre Hagen

"I am definitely going to add this to my regular repetoire! Brilliant!" - James Anthony

Reviewed by Leslie Warren (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 06 September, 2023

The video is easy to follow but a little difficult to hear. There is music playing while the explanation is being given. I tried this and it does work. A simple drawing or one number or letter is easy to see.

Reviewed by Phil Reda (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 21 July, 2012

All I can say is WOW! An old classic reworked - Bravo! Another winner for and Mr Prager - I also have his Cliff download - check it out also. I will definately be purchasing more of Mr Prager's material

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