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Definitive Slip Cut
by Jon Racherbaumer


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Definitive Slip Cut by Jon Racherbaumer

Slip Cuts play a vital role in "Cutting to the Aces," a presentation auspiciously introduced in Stars of Magic (1946). Dai Vernon's handling sparked lots of interest when it first appeared, providing strong incentive to master the Slip Cut. Cardini, who also knew a great trick when he saw one, strongly endorsed Vernon's presentation:

"To lovers of outstanding card magic I heartily recommend 'Cutting the Aces.' It is showy and mystifying, more so than you would think a card trick could possibly be."

Therefore, this treatise begins with explanations of three versions of Ace-Cutting. This may induce you to study other possibilities and applications. The rest of this treatise may also open your eyes to aspects you may have never considered.

1st edition 2007; 60 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. One-Hand Throw Cut
  4. Challenge Ace-Cutting
  5. One-Hand Bottom Slip Cut
  6. Extremely Delicate Ace-Cutting
  7. Ace-Cutting Without Double-Cutting (Dave Bendix)
  8. Marlo Slip Cut
  9. The True Cut
  10. The Complete False Cut
  11. Marlo's Slip-Cut Force
  12. As an Exchange
  13. Slip-cut Force in Ace Cutting
  14. Slip Cut Force to Placement
  15. Slip Cut Force to Pair
  16. Slip Cut Force as a Force
  17. Slip Cut Force Surrounded
  18. Slip Cut Force as a Bluff
  19. Peel Controls
  20. Move #3 - Top Card Slip Cut
  21. The Secret Slip Cut
  22. Secret Slip Cut Transposition
  23. One-Cut, Double-Control
  24. Marnase False Cut
  25. Raised Marnase False Cut
  26. Variations of K.M. Move Force
  27. Art Altman's Handling
  28. More Slip Cuts
  29. A Variation
  30. Strictly on the Table
  31. Shuffler's Slip Cut
  32. Marlo Technique for the Top and Bottom Slip Cut
  33. Cover-Up Cut
  34. Quickening Watson's Aces (Jon Racherbaumer)

word count: 15325 which is equivalent to 61 standard pages of text