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Derek Dingle

Derek Dingle

(London, England: 1st July 1937 - 11th January 2004)

Learned at age 8 from a magic set and later, after moving to Canada (in Toronto 1965-69), by lessons from Ross Bertram and Eddie Fechter. Lived in New York City since 1969. An engineer turned pro close-up sleight-of-hand and cardman in 1975. Invented The Fastest Pass in the World, etc. Ran a booking agency with partner Shelley Carroll since 1980s. Died of a stroke.

See Harry Lorayne, Dingle's Deceptions (1971, 57pp); Richard Kaufman, The Complete Works of Derek Dingle (1982, 219pp); Marotta and Lovell, Derek Dingle's Last Notes.

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Derek Dingle
Silver Quick by Derek Dingle

This is a classic Dingle - strong magic but not easy. Four coins travel magically from the performer's hand to the spectator's hand. Brilliant routining from a master.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 5min 47s

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