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Convention at the Capital 1998

by various
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Convention at the Capital 1998 by various
This product bundle includes 7 items:Total of individual products: $42.00
You save: $22.00

See the highlights of the 1998 Convention at the Capital. Seven top magicians sharing their pet secrets with you. Suitable for close-up and stand-up performance, each effect is performed before a live audience and then meticulously explained.

Each of the seven effects can also be purchased individually as download.

  • Gregory Wilson: Florida Keys: A baffling effect wherein two borrowed keys link and unlink from a key ring.
  • Kenton Knepper: EZ Torn & Restored Card: Using only one card, this is perhaps the easiest and most deceptive Torn & Restored Card ever created
  • Docc Hilford: Personal Touch: Learn how Docc Hilford flies first class when he only has coach tickets. A crash course in palm reading, spiced with magic.
  • Guy Hollingworth: Waving the Aces: The aces visibly turn face up while at the fingertips.
  • Eric DeCamps: Shadow Coins: A beautiful, compact routine wherein three coins vanish and then magically reappear, one coin at a time.
  • Derek Dingle: Silver Quick: Classic Dingle. Four coins travel magically from the performer's hand to the spectator's hand. Brilliant routining from a master.
  • Tommy Wonder: The Card in the Box: Critically hailed as the best "Card to Box" created. Tommy shares all of the intricate details of this powerful routine, including the incredible Two Second Card Fold.

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