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Dick Daring's New Bag of Tricks

by Will L. Lindhorst

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Dick Daring's New Bag of Tricks by Will L. Lindhorst

This work was sponsored by the Quaker Oats Company and includes ads for their Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice products.

  • How to Tear Paper Napkin After It Is Twisted
  • Mysterious Trick With Paper
  • Trick of Unsmashable Match Box
  • Here Is a Number Trick With Which to Baffle Your Friends
  • How to Remove Dime Under Glass Without Touching Either
  • How to Invert Glass of Water Without Spilling It
  • How to Fill Glass Twice Without Emptying First Contents
  • Tells How to Blow Candle Out Through Bottle
  • Here's How You Can Add Five Matches to Six and Make Nine
  • Three Matches Can Be Lifted With One
  • How You Can Smoke a Pipe Without Lighting It
  • Magician Tells How to Grasp Two Corks Between Fingers
  • Magician Explains How to Change Playing Card Into Box of Matches
  • How to Get Water Into Glass When It Is Held Upside Down
  • How to Light Candle Without Touching Flame to Its Wick
  • Thread Supporting a Ring Can Be Burned But Still Hold It Suspended
  • It's Easy to Make a Dime on Plate Vanish, Then Find It Underneath
  • How to Place Spoon in a Glass Without Touching Either
  • How to Hold Lighted Candle Under Water
  • How a Magic Pencil Mark Stops Flames Consuming Sheet of Paper
  • Magician Tells How to Make One Match Pass Through Another
  • How to Put Egg Into a Milk Bottle and Take It Out
  • How to Make a Match Intact After Someone Has Broken It to Pieces
  • 'Loving Matches' Kiss Each Other
  • Magic Envelope
  • A Drop of Water Will Make Coin Fall Into Bottle
  • How to Prevent Lighted Cigaret From Burning a Handkerchief
  • Make Sound Travel From a Fork to a Glass
  • A Rose Appear in Your Lapel
  • Change One Card Into Another
  • Cord And Ring Trick
  • How to Hypnotize a Card and Make It Move Across a Table
  • Pass Coin Through Your Sleeve
  • Vanishing and Penetrating Glass Through Table
  • Selected Card From Pocket
  • Here Is a Puzzling Trick You Can Do With Carpenter's Rule
  • How to Cut Bottle in Two With a Piece of String
  • Name the Top Card on Three Piles
  • A Clever After-Dinner Trick With Knives
  • The Magnetic Cards
  • The Magnetized Coin
  • The Walking Cork
  • How to Pass a Coin Through a Hole Half Its Size
  • A Good Mind Reading Card Trick
  • For Telling the Number of Relatives
  • Torn and Restored Cigaret Paper
  • The Vanishing Half Dollar
  • How to Tie a Knot in a Silk Handkerchief With One Hand
  • The Balancing Forks
  • The Burglar Card Trick
  • Balancing a Handkerchief on Your Nose
  • The Magic Crayon Trick
  • Mysterious Number 142,857
  • Make a Match Box Rise on Your Arm
  • Clever Trick With a Knotted Handkerchief
  • Make Egg Hop From One Glass to Another Without Touching It
  • A Puzzling Trick of Angles
  • How to Balance Two Coins Between Your Fingers
  • If You're Not Afraid to Play With Matches Try These Clever Tricks

1st edition 1934, 64 pages; PDF 68 pages.
word count: 11276 which is equivalent to 45 standard pages of text

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