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Diversified Magic
by Harry Leat

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Diversified Magic by Harry Leat

From The Sphinx: Diversified Magic is Harry Leat's latest contribution to magical lore. Diversified rightly describes the contents of the book. The variety is great, the quality superior, the originality genuine. Of the twenty chapters it is difficult to say which is the most interesting, and of the tricks and other effects, which is the best. The Organ Pipe Pagoda, and the Eclipse Ventriloquial Figure are alone worth more than the price of the book. Mr. Leat's introduction is full of matter for serious thought and consideration. The patter for the tricks, and the dialogue for the vent. figure are lively, and fit the effects just right. Thirty cuts illustrate the various items, making it easy to understand their mechanism. Your money will be well spent in purchasing Diversified Magic.

1st edition 1924, Harry Leat, London; 104 pages.

  1. Introduction.
  2. Organ Pipe Pagoda.
  3. The Ribbon Flag.
  4. The Eclipse Ventriloquial Figure.
  5. Lighted Matches From Matchbox.
  6. A Spring Production.
  7. Printing Tricks.
  8. Wand - Revolver - Fan.
  9. The Rainbow.
  10. Self Locking Sand Frame.
  11. Shadows on the Blind.
  12. A Shadowgraphy Screen.
  13. Open Letter to Mr. J. A. Esler.
  14. The Magical Menagerie.
  15. Animated Pictures.
  16. The Great Damphool Vanish.
  17. Stop Press.
  18. New Books.
  19. Forty Years In & Around Magic.
  20. Thoughtful Magic.

word count: 22502 which is equivalent to 90 standard pages of text