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Donald "Monk" Watson

Donald "Monk" Watson

(Jackson, Michigan: 23rd March 1894 - 23rd March 1981)

Debut at age 8. Pro comedy magician. Wrote The Professional Touch (1945, 49pp). Elected mayor of Colon, Michigan, in 1951.

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Donald "Monk" Watson
The Professional Touch by Donald "Monk" Watson

Only an experienced performer could write a practical book of this kind. No theories, but facts and tested procedures - that are invaluable when put into practice. Therefore, you are not only getting an ebook containing original tricks, moves and routines, but information that will pay you dividends, be you beginner, amateur or professional.

You will love Monk's natural breezy style - and while you are absorbing the splendid advice on acquiring the professional touch in your performance, you will get many a chuckle in the bargain. Chapters embrace the following subjects:

  • Lets Have A Reason...
★★★★★ $10
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