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We are a for profit business, but we do work on non-profit projects, which we do simply because we love magic. For example, many of the old books we convert cost much more to convert than we would ever hope making selling digital versions. Nevertheless we have chosen to digitize and preserve many of these books and magazines as a service to the magic community. We are also thinking about making some of these ebooks free if we can raise enough money through donations.

Any donations made here will flow directly to preserving magic literature. If for whatever reason we are not able to use the donations we will be passing them on to charitable causes in the magic community, be it struggling magicians or other magic related and worthy causes.

Of course, a very good way to support is simply to purchase our ebooks, link to our pages and to spread the word. However, if you would also like to donate on top of that and have it earmarked for non-profit projects, then please donate here.

To donate more than one dollar please put this $1 donation in your shopping cart and then use the quantity feature in the cart to increase the amount to whatever you have decided to donate.

A big thank you to all our supporters.