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Dorny's Comedy Blackouts
by Werner C. (Dorny) Dornfeld/Dornfield

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Dorny's Comedy Blackouts by Werner C. (Dorny) Dornfeld/Dornfield

The only ebook of it's kind! A great collection of comedy blackouts for magicians and others, to add variety and spice to shows. A "Blackout" is a quick bit of stage business, usually verbal, that ends in a snappy punch line on which (if possible) the lights go out.

These are all audience tested, guaranteed laughs. Valuable for use between other acts on any kind of show. Adds comedy, bulk and novelty to any programs, provides necessary time for the next act to get ready, etc. For school work or adults.

  • Wants to get on show (two men)
  • Never ending rope stunt (one man)
  • Dressing room on fire (two men)
  • Kissing the girl (man and girl)
  • Why dance? (man and girl)
  • Presenting the flower (man and girl)
  • "Diogenes" bit (one man)
  • Always a bridesmaid (one girl)
  • Goat without a nose (two men)
  • The wrong house (one man)
  • Drinking Zombies (three men)
  • Shoot to kill bit (six or more people)
  • Railroad tracks (two men)
  • Suitcase bit (two men)
  • Prison bit (two man crossover)
  • The spiritualist (two men and one woman)
  • The quartette (four men)
  • Price of honor (one man and one girl)
  • Mother sketch (two men, one girl)
  • The mind reader (three men)
  • The soldier's bride (two men and a girl)
  • Who is he? (two men)
  • The butler (three men and a girl)
  • Funnel in pants (three men)
  • Nut house bit (two men)
  • The wrong phone number (man and girl)
  • The crying widow (man and girl)
  • Beer in the hat (two men)
  • Hospital bit (girl and three men)
  • Cat and canary (two men)
  • Palm reading (two men)
  • Big C (two men)
  • Fire bowl (two men)
  • The telegram (one man)
  • Famous flower trick (one man)
  • Dove pan trick (one man)
  • Vanishing bird cage (six or seven men)
  • Don't trust him (two men)
  • Twenty card trick (two men)
  • Sucker card trick (one man)
  • Find the card (two men)
  • Tear it up (two men)
  • Repeat handkerchief trick (two men)
  • "Go!" (one man)
  • Finish for mental act (two men)
  • Depression bit (man and girl)
  • Escape bit (two men)
  • Levitation bit (two men)
  • Cop and robber (two men)
  • Chinese ambassador (two men)
  • "Not now" (two men)
  • Prop trip (one man)
  • Umbrella flower bit (one man)
  • Mentalist quickie (one man)
  • Live dog bit (two men and a dog)
  • Build me up (three men)
  • The photographer (two men)
  • Banquet award (two men)
  • World's greatest (one man)
  • Red cross girl (man and girl)
  • Carnival stunts
  • Deaf grandpa (two men)
  • Going fishing (two men)
  • Lunch box (two men)
  • Coffee gag (two men)
  • Fire extinguisher (two men)
  • The prisoners (two men)
  • Abbott's cabinet (magician and assistants)
  • Comedy levitation (three men)
  • Behind the curtain (two men)
  • The autograph hunter (two men)
  • Hard up ventriloquist (two men)
  • Vacuum cleaner (man and girl)
  • Hypnotic power (two men)
  • Only a one (one man)
  • Toast gag (one man and girl)
  • If she could only sing! (two men and girl)
  • Shot gun (one man)
  • Lost baby (man and girl)
  • The drug store (three men)
  • Poker game (man and girl)
  • Baby crib (man and girl)
  • Gatti was right! (man and girl)
  • A different magic act (two men)
  • Magic act stunts
  • Bits to end acts
  • Invisible pass (four people)
  • I don't even know the guy (two men)
  • Cut in gag (girl and two men)
  • Too good to live (girl and two men)
  • Didn't sign his name (two men)
  • Cut to ace of spades (two men)
  • The painters crossover (three men)
  • Room and board crossover (two men)
  • Houdini picture (one man)
  • Carrying ladder crossover (two men)
  • Cut necktie stunt (seven men or more)
  • Handcuffs (one man)
  • Taking case to court (two man crossover)
  • Umbrellas (two man crossover)

1st edition 1962; 1st digital edition 2016, PDF 63 pages.
word count: 22001 which is equivalent to 88 standard pages of text