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Dove Pan-Orama
by Bruce Posgate

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Dove Pan-Orama by Bruce Posgate

A comprehensive survey of amusing ideas and ways to use a dove pan in an entertaining manner.

Excerpt from the Foreword by Sid Lorraine:

In this assembly of D. P. uses, Bruce Posgate has discovered how it can be effectively used in a variety of ways. I am sure the reader will wonder why he never thought of these things himself and how he could have been so stupid as to consider it a one-trick prop—strictly for the birds.

Coins, cards, beads, colored liquids, clocks, cigarettes, balloons and even mathematical magic may seem too wide a range of lid-loading stuff to please some, but I am sure the many tips, ideas, routines and patter plots will prove food for thoughtful Dove Pan handlers. For they will not only add novelty and variety with a standard piece of equipment, but they will also learn how to wear it with good effect.

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Handy Hints
  • Dove Pan Designs
  • Performing With A Dove Pan
  • Dove Production
  • Rabbit Production ... From A Duck Pan
  • Baby Chick Production ... Using A Chick Pan
  • Triplets ... Using A Regular Dove Pan
  • A Bevy Of Baby Chicks ... From A Duck Pan
  • Flower Production
  • The Magic Flower Pot
  • Baking A Cake
  • Candy Production
  • Paper Coil Production
  • A Basket Of Fruit
  • A Stunt For A Stag Party Smoker
  • For Ladies ... Sales Promotions ... Demonstrations
  • Instant Fried Eggs
  • Jellybean Soup
  • Comedy Egg Incubation
  • Which Came First ... ?
  • Ribbon Cascade
  • Another Cascading Effect
  • Castles In The Air
  • Build Your Own Card Castle!
  • The Miser's Nightmare
  • A Gospel Magician's Idea
  • Butterfly Soup ... With Variations.
  • Instant Spot Remover
  • How To Make Christmas Decorations
  • M.S.C.P.
  • Why Not "M.S.P.P."?
  • Yet Another M.S.C.P. Routine
  • The Music Box
  • Balloon Animals
  • Card Tricks
  • Another Card Trick
  • Hot Dog!
  • Chinese Lantern Production
  • More Hot Dogs
  • Magic Linking Rings
  • Chinese Linking Rings ... With Every Ring Examined!
  • Never Play Cards With Strangers
  • The Elusive Birthday Cake
  • Comedy Prelude To Baking A Cake
  • Extra Special, Super-Duper, Colossal, Spectacular Dove Pan Production!
  • The Original Computer
  • The Chinese Magician
  • Sequel To The "Chinese Magican" Effect
  • A Good Wish Banner Production
  • Apple Pie
  • For The Close-Up Worker
  • Chandelier Production
  • Hallowe'en Party Masks
  • Any Drink Called For ... At A Children's Party!
  • Another Milk Production Routine
  • Wine And Roses
  • Magic Chafing Dish
  • Triple Dove Pan Production
  • Laughing Gas
  • Another "Which Came First" ... But With A Difference.
  • Instant Alarm Clock
  • The Magic Tambourine
  • Good Night

1st edition 1972, 48 pages; PDF 44 pages.
word count: 14929 which is equivalent to 59 standard pages of text

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