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Dr. Jacob Daley

Dr. Jacob Daley

(Russia: 26th March 1897 - 17th February 1954)

Moved to USA where raised in New York City. Graduated from Fordham University Medical School in 1920. Plastic surgeon. Inspired by and learned from his medical colleague, amateur magician Dr. Henry C. Falk, in 1934. Thence a skilled amateur cardman. Favorite book: Erdnase. 1939 Sphinx Award. Nicknamed "Doc" by magicians and "Jack" by physicians. Invented Cavorting Aces and Daley's Last Trick.

Posthumously voted one of the Card Stars in 1955. See Karl Fulves (ed.), Jacob Daley's Notebooks (1974, 195pp). Tricks in Jinx, Genii, Phoenix, MUM, and New Phoenix.

Coauthors: John Scarne

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John Scarne & Dr. Jacob Daley
Think A Card by John Scarne & Dr. Jacob Daley

From noted card man and gaming expert John Scarne comes this clean-cut triple prediction miracle effect that will build a reputation for you. No difficult sleights. Simple, sure and direct. The publisher had been after Scarne for years to release this clever item, before he finally agreed.

Any deck of cards is shuffled by anyone and spread out on the table face up. Two spectators and the performer each merely think of a card and you write a prediction on small slips of paper for each card thought of. The thought-of cards are pushed out of the pack and the predictions are placed on top of...

★★★★★ $4
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