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Dr. Lynn

Dr. Lynn

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(Axbridge, England: 30th May 1836 - 20th March 1899)

Stage name since 1873 of John Wesley Simmons, aka "Washington Blythe", "Washington Simmons", and "Simmons". Debut as amateur (in Royal Navy) in 1858. World-travelled pro from 1862 until retired in 1895. Father of J.W. Lynn.

Illustrator and author. As "Washington Simmons" wrote The Wizard's Pocket Book (1863, 16pp). Autobiography is The Adventures of the Strange Man, Dr. H.S. Lynn (1873, 57pp; other eds 1877, 1878). Later republished in an expanded edition as How It's Done and Recollections of India (1882).

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Dr. Lynn
How It's Done and Recollections of India / The Adventures of the Strange Man Dr. Lynn by Dr. Lynn

This is Dr. Lynn's autobiography describing his travels in Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, India, and other countries. He was the earliest Western magician to perform in China and Japan. He had a long-lasting rivalry with J. N. Maskelyne appearing a week before Maskelyne in the Egyptian Hall in London in the spring of 1873.

In the "How It's Done" section he provides mock descriptions of some of his tricks.

    • The Mysterious Spirit-writing
    • The Blood-writing on the Arm
    • Time in a Fix
    • The Pomaceous Puzzle
    • The Ornithological Inexplicability
    • The...
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