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Dr. Q's Sight Unseen
by William W. Larsen


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Dr. Q's Sight Unseen by William W. Larsen

Dr. Q not only tells you how to describe objects in detail after having been heavily blindfolded with cotton pads and heavy adhesive tapes, but he also tells you how to present the act in its most effective fashion and what to say while presenting it.

Yes, here is the whole secret of this act, described in detail, plus complete patter and presentation. Half dollars (borrowed and unprepared) may first be placed over the eyelids. Then more than half a dozen strips of adhesive tape are placed over the eyes and pressed down tightly at all points. (Tape is also unprepared and may be borrowed.) Yet, at his will, the performer details every object held before him. He can even reveal the serial numbers on bills, names and trademarks on watches, envelopes, etc. He can even read letters, books and newspapers.

  • No memory work involved.
  • No assistants or confederates
  • Positively nothing to buy except adhesive sports tape and cotton pads.
  • No coaching.
  • Blindfolding may be done by a doctor.
  • No skill required.
  • You can do it after you've read these clear instructions just once.

Even if you know some blindfolding methods you'll want this, if only for the presentation scheme and patter. The act, if well done (and we teach you to do it well), will bring dollars to your pocket. No apparatus is included as none is used. All you need can be purchased at low cost at any drug or department store. Plus, you also get Dr. Q's own follow-up method of reading the serial number of a borrowed bill, while your back is turned.

1st edition 1944, PDF 18 pages.
word count: 3520 which is equivalent to 14 standard pages of text