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Dual Edge
by Rus Andrews

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Dual Edge by Rus Andrews

"I've been playing with this today. It really is great and I'll be using it at this weeks weddings for sure! Rus has taken the "reversed card match" effect to another level with this. The added kickers of the odd backs followed by a deck of blank cards will fry laymen, and most magicians alike. The quality of the DVD by Magic Tao is first class. A live performance followed my a clear concise explanation. Rus is a clever thinking honest guy, an I can't wait to see what lease he releases for us in the future!!" - Matt Wainwright

Imagine telling a spectactor that, with their help, you are going to create the perfect coincidence.

You hand a small envelope to the spectator and ask them to put it somewhere safe; perhaps in their pocket.

You then give half of a deck of cards to the spectator and ask them to hold them in their hands and to put their hands behind their back. With their hands behind their back you ask the spectator to reverse one of the cards that they have in their hands. You, the performer, do the same with the other half of the deck in an attempt to create, between you, the perfect blackjack hand.

You and the spectator then bring the cards out from behind your backs and spread them, face down, on the table. This shows two reversed cards; the two cards make the perfect blackjack hand; demonstrating that, indeed, coincidence has taken place.

The spectator is then asked to take the prediction from the envelope that they have stored safely from the start of the routine. The cards from the envelop show two cards that perfectly match the reversed cards from the deck!

That's not all …..

You now show that the prediction cards are from the deck that is being used; the two cards that were reversed by you and the spectator have completely different backs to the rest of the cards.

To take things a step further, and to show that there was no way that any other cards could have been reversed, the rest of the deck is now spread out on the table – every single card in the deck is completely BLANK!

This is Dual Edge a joint collaboration between Rus Andrews and Mark Bendell.

Supply your own blank deck and two different color back cards. Instead of a blank deck you can just use a normal deck.


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