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Ear Marked
by Werner Miller


(6 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Ear Marked by Werner Miller

This was Werner Miller's first English publication and it holds 51 astonishing tricks, all based on clever mathematical principles. You will find next to tricks with cards, numbers, and dice also topological tricks with paper and cardboard.

One of my favorite tricks is called "Quick Change Square" where a 4x4 square changes from a non-magic square to a magic square in a flash. In "Crazy Square", Werner combines the olde "Chinese Compass" with the "magic square" and produces a witty, lively piece. In "Aeolic Prelude", Werner takes a compass and an ESP deck to produce a nice little bit of ritual to pull off what could best be described as an "anti-coincidence". "Xcross" uses a chess board and some applied math to work a great revelation.

[Please note that there is a significant overlap in effects with the German ebook Alles Miller oder was.]

1st edition 2006; 91 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Royal Gifts
  4. Alias AKA
  5. Heave-Ho!
  6. Ladies on a Visit
  7. Hidden Reserves
  8. AA37
  9. The Calendar Card
  10. Giallo
  11. Teamwork
  12. With Distributed Parts
  13. ESP Marathon
  14. Pet Ghost
  15. Swindle Bet
  16. Almost Fool-Proof
  17. Virtus in Medio
  18. Caught Together, Hanged Together
  19. RFF Sandwich
  20. On Tour
  21. Aeolic Prelude
  22. All-Some-One
  23. Court Card Company
  24. Programmates
  25. Queens and Kings
  26. ...The Girls' Best Friends
  27. Fifty-Fifty
  28. Il Tuo Ferrari
  29. Gag Card Triplets
  30. Klondyke Separation
  31. Matching Queen
  32. Monge 415
  33. RFF Aces
  34. Standing Pat
  35. A Son of Pay Day
  36. Two Pyramentid Variations
  37. Bogy, the Magic Rabbit
  38. Meow
  39. The Chain Letter
  40. Crazy Square
  41. Prima Vista
  42. The Simplest
  43. Quick Change Square
  44. Don't Trust in Colors!
  45. Mama Repuma
  46. Do-It-Yourself Genii Tube
  47. Dice Stacks - A New Principle
  48. Xcross
  49. Twin Dice Tunnel
  50. Muribus Unitis
  51. Whirl Squares
  52. Opus
  53. That's An Old One!?
  54. About the Author

word count: 29753 which is equivalent to 119 standard pages of text