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Enigmaths 1
by Werner Miller


(9 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Enigmaths 1 by Werner Miller

Here you will find 20 self-working effects all based on mathematical principles. Most of them are card tricks. This is the first volume in a series of ebooks.

Max Maven: "I am a fan of Werner Miller."

Scott Cram: "Werner Miller has a great knack for taking simple mathematical principles to highly entertaining levels."

Walt Lees: "[Werner originates] card and mental magic based on subtlety and well-hidden mathematical principles. Unlike so much of that kind of thing, Werner's ideas are distinguished by their clean-cut methods and easy-to-understand effects."

R. Shane: "Werner [...] is a frightening man. Not 'Norman Bates' frightening. Not 'Stephen King' frightening. Certainly not 'tax audit' frightening. Werner Miller is more like 'Martin Gardner' frightening. I am convinced, you see, that Werner Miller could take a grade-school primer on the multiplication tables and turn its contents into slick, thought-provoking, mathematically-based magic. That [...] is frightening. Not 'scared out of your pants' frightening, though. Werner's magic is more like 'out of the box' frightening. And thinking outside the box is what Werner does best. [...] And to someone like me, who rapidly runs out of fingers when trying to solve simple math problems, that 'play' and 'math' and 'magic' and 'creativity' can be used together in the same sentence...well, that's frightening indeed."

1st edition 2009; 26 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Enigmath 1
  2. Enigmath 2
  3. Enigmath 3
  4. He Knows Your Card
  5. Triple Speller
  6. Play of Colors
  7. Simply Watch...
  8. Exhibition
  9. 12 Plus 1
  10. Among Liars
  11. A(s)CEndency
  12. Australian Beauty
  13. As Desired
  14. Snoopy
  15. A Puzzling Dozen
  16. Fire, Earth, Air, Water
  17. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph
  18. For Yes-Men and Obstructionists
  19. Lure
  20. Three Point Fourteen

word count: 8845 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text