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by Arthur Herzog

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Earthsound by Arthur Herzog

A geologist predicted a major earthquake in an unlikely place (Rhode Island) and it happens.

You are an expert on earthquakes and you fear their awesome power to the point of insanity. Now you are sure that an earthquake is building below your very feet. Your house, your family, your friends, your town, are about to be destroyed.

The cracks appearing in the walls…the "accidental" deaths of local people…the strange movements of inanimate objects - all increase the certainty of your belief and the urgency of your warnings to those around you. The trouble is, there are others who have another, even more frightening explanation for what is happening - and God help you all if they are right…

"A piercing shriek of fear and panic from page one to the shaking end!" - Cleveland Press

Eerie suspense…Arthur Herzog's The Swarm was mighty scary, but Earthsound is even more so!" - Publishers Weekly

word count: 63599 which is equivalent to 254 standard pages of text