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Edward Barton-Wright

Edward Barton-Wright

(8th November 1860 - 13th September 1951)

Edward William Barton-Wright was an English entrepreneur specializing in both self-defense training and physical therapy. He is remembered today as one of the first Europeans to both learn and teach Japanese martial arts and as a pioneer of the concept of hybrid martial arts.

He was working as an antimony smelting specialist for the E.H. Hunter Company in Kobe, Japan, where he was exposed and studied martial arts. In 1900, Barton-Wright established the Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture in London.

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Edward Barton-Wright
How to Pose as a Strong Man by Edward Barton-Wright

Barton-Wright, one of the first Europeans to study Japanese martial arts, explains eleven pseudo-strength tricks in words and photos. Forty years before this publication Lulu Hurst created a sensation demonstrating similar stunts as manifestations of 'unexplainable forces'.

The tricks explained in this article are:

  1. How to Master a Man with Two Fingers
  2. How to Hold a Chair in the Palms of your Hands, and to Defy Anyone to Pull it through your Hands
  3. How to Lift from the Ground a Chair in which a Person is Seated
  4. How to Lift a Chair with Four Men Packed upon it
  5. How to Defy Anyone Standing in Front...
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