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Lulu Hurst

Lulu Hurst

(1869 - May 13th 1950)

Born as Lula Hurst, she became famous as the "Georgio Wonder" and "Laughing Lulu" exhibiting super-human strength when she was merely a teenager. She performed only for two years, retiring in 1885, and soon after marrying her stage manager. Later she revealed in her autobiography that her demonstrations were merely a combination of applied mechanics and showmanship.

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Lulu Hurst
Lulu Hurst Writes Her Autobiography by Lulu Hurst

For the first time explains and demonstrates the great secret of her marvelous power.

In this autobiography, Lulu Hurst tells her rise to fame and fortune by performing acts of incredible strength on stage. She does this with personal recollections as well as quoting from various newspaper reports. At the time she performed many attributed her strength to some as of yet unknown or unexplainable force. But she had no unusual strength or the aid of any special force. She cleverly used mechanical principles as well as showmanship to make it appear she had super-human strength. In the second...

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