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Edward L. Palder

Edward L. Palder

Palder’s interest in magic began early, but for the first decade of this thriving interest it remained for something highly dramatic to change it from a passive desire to "do magic” to an active participation. It was when he decided to bring in a magician to help defray the lagging costs of the school newspaper that he had his tie "cut and restored” by this man of mystery. A few years later he found himself in many foreign lands at the “invitation of Uncle Sam” and he took the opportunity to learn of the magic of other countries.

No claim is made of ever seeing the famous Indian Rope Trick, but the magic of other countries developed the incentive to conduct shows on a semi-professional level.

With his graduation as a Chemist and Pharmacist, the idea was born to write a book using the basis of Chemistry as the “secret element” for doing magic.

Coauthors: John D. Lippy Jr.

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John D. Lippy Jr. & Edward L. Palder
Modern Chemical Magic by John D. Lippy Jr. & Edward L. Palder

This volume is the most complete and authoritative book that has been compiled on the subject to date. It has been several years in research and preparation. The co-authors are thoroughly versed in the art of magic and the science of chemistry. By combining the two old professions they have produced this new volume, Modern Chemical Magic.

For amusement in your own home or entertaining a group of friends, this new overture to magic has no peer; it is startling, mystifying and most effective. It gives a new approach to the professional or amateur magician to add variety to his programs. It...

★★★★★ $8
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