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Edward Loyd Enochs

(Britain: 1897 - 1968) Moved to USA as a young man. Maker of fine apparatus (marketed as "Loyd Magic") in Pasadena and later Modesto, California, 1930s-50s, which he sold thru Thayer's, etc. Conceived and built Tommy Martin's famous act.

Wrote (as "Loyd") Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles (1931; repr 1949, 37pp) and Producing Lighted Cigarettes (1936, 22pp). Article in Genii.

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Edward Loyd Enochs

Producing Lighted Cigarettes by Edward Loyd EnochsA compilation of the very best methods of producing lighted cigarettes. Covers all the various sleights and moves for this production. 36 illustrations. The last chapter takes up the pipe production, which is always a popular finish with cigarette manipulators.
  • Producing Lighted Cigarettes
  • Regarding Cigarettes
  • The Fire Sleight
  • The Double Production From One Cigarette
  • Producing Lighted Cigarettes
  • Switching The Lighted Cigarette For The Dummy
  • The Pantomime Cigarette
  • Super Pantomime Cigarette
  • A Novel Variation During The Production
  • A Snap Production
  • The Bailey Sleight
  • Loyd's Triple...
2017 / 4 / 30

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Edward Loyd Enochs

Loyd's Master Manipulation of Thimbles by Edward Loyd EnochsThis is considered one of the best, if not THE best publication for manipulating thimbles. Includes many new and original concepts.

It comes with 84 gorgeous line drawings. The original booklet had these drawings in very small size. For this ebook we have completely reformatted it and enlarged the drawings to allow easier studying.

1st edition 1931, 1st digital edition 2009, PDF 49 pages.

2009 / 9 / 29

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products) Pages:  1 
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