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Edwin A. French

Edwin French was a magician, mentalist, author and magic dealer, residing in Danville, Illinois. He teamed up with Clettis Musson to give magic performances to high school audiences, billed as "French and Musson Present: A Trip to Wonderland." He wrote a column for the Linking Ring.

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Edwin A. French

Premiere Slate Mystery by Edwin A. FrenchHere is French's personal method of making a "spirit answer" appear on a borrowed slate ... while sealed inside an envelope and held by a spectator. The spectator's initials may be written on the frame of the slate to prove that there are no switches of any kind employed. This mind-numbing mystery can be worked solo, as a one-man effect, with an ungimmicked slate. Instead of a slate, black cardboard or artist board can be substituted. Complete routine, with three presentations described, for stage, party or séance. Absolutely no flaps, switches, gimmicked slates or chemicals used. No stooges...
2020 / 3 / 4

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Edwin A. French

Master Mentalism by Edwin A. FrenchA knock-out impromptu mentalism demonstration of answering audience questions. Can be worked solo, as a one-man effect, or by a crystal gazer, with an assistant, for use on the stage. Complete routine, with two methods described, and full opening lecture.

The original manuscript is very hard to find nowadays, being jealously hoarded by collectors. If you've wanted to perform a Q&A (question and answer) type of mental act, this title is one you should add to your library. In our opinion, the tips and suggestions from editor T. A. Whitney are alone worth the investment.

"If you are looking for something...
2019 / 12 / 25

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Edwin A. French

Premiere Book Test by Edwin A. FrenchPerhaps the simplest and most sure-fire of all book tests, using three unprepared books. Can be performed as a one-person or two-person test.

The original manuscript sold for the equivalent of $19 when first introduced and has been out of print for years. Now available once again at a very reasonable price as ebook. The author claimed that the bold method and presentation created more favorable talk than anything else he presented. You, too, can create a "buzz" of publicity when you perform it. If working as a two-person effect, there are no codes used. Can use any girl as the medium. A great...

2019 / 12 / 15

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