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Equinox by David Britland

Card tricks with ungimmicked cards. One coin trick.

  • TOASTMASTERS: a revolutionary sandwich effect
  • WALTZ TIME: a packet elevator with visions of grandeur
  • LUNCH BOX: a large sandwich with very few calories
  • TRI-UMPH: in the midst of chaos something always turns up
  • ORIENT EXPRESS: the Chinese get the better of the exchange rate
  • HOMEWARD BOUND: a mysterious journey across time and space
  • AUSTRIAN ACES: a simple solution to Johann's problem
  • VOO-DUO: two cards linked by uncanny forces
  • BULLS EYE: a pasteboard prediction
  • THE EYES HAVE IT: an old gambler reveals his most precious secret
  • MASTER OF THE GAME: a demonstration of your gambling skills
  • TWO STEP: how to get two hands in a four-handed game
  • THE OPEC COUNT: created by Ed Marlo - a variation of the Elmsley Count.
  • DUST BUSTERS: the queens 'about face' then change for the better
  • ROOM AT THE TOP: nobody does it better, except the spectator
  • THE IMPRESSIONIST: can you have a playing card with four faces? Of course not ...

1st edition 1984, 55 pages; 1st digital edition 2013, 42 pages.
word count: 13127 which is equivalent to 52 standard pages of text

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