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Eric F. Impey

(Britain: fl.1930s)

Stage name of Cecil Griffin. Invented "Locato" trick deck (by 1936) an early 'Brain Wave' type of effect using wax to prepare the playing cards. Edited Magic Journal 1932-33.

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Eric F. Impey
Original Card Mysteries by Eric F. Impey

Excerpt from the Foreword:

The majority of the effects described in this book are absolutely new, and require a minimum amount of skill. I have been using many of them for a considerable time, and they are all original with me, except one. So I sincerely hope that others will not "invent" them in a few months time.

In this publication, Impey describes how to wax together pairs of cards, a technique that Dai Vernon would later refine with rough-and-smooth to create his famous Brainwave deck. Judson Brown is generally credited with inventing the basic brainwave-type effect using Impey's waxed cards...

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