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Original Card Mysteries
by Eric F. Impey

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Original Card Mysteries by Eric F. Impey

Excerpt from the Foreword:

The majority of the effects described in this book are absolutely new, and require a minimum amount of skill. I have been using many of them for a considerable time, and they are all original with me, except one. So I sincerely hope that others will not "invent" them in a few months time.

In this publication, Impey describes how to wax together pairs of cards, a technique that Dai Vernon would later refine with rough-and-smooth to create his famous Brainwave deck. Judson Brown is generally credited with inventing the basic brainwave-type effect using Impey's waxed cards method. Thus the sequence of events is Impey creating a very useful and flexible method to gimmick a deck of cards with wax which Judson Brown used to come up with an effect where any card named turned face up in the deck. Vernon refined the method (using rough-and-smooth) and the effect (reversed card had a contrasting back, an idea that Paul Fox contributed).

  • Fore-Word
  • Perfectos
  • Mysto
  • A New Method Of Card Location
  • A Latter-Day Card Miracle
  • Turn-It
  • The Construction Of Double-Faced Cards
  • The Simplicity X-Ray Trick
  • Another Effect On The Same Principle
  • Stop
  • An Invisible Pass
  • A New Spelling Bee Effect
  • A Really New Idea For Use In Any Card Trick Using Double-Faced Cards
  • A Turn Over Move
  • A New Four Ace Effect
  • Effects That You Will Want

1st edition 1928, 11 pages; PDF 14 pages.
word count: 6111 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text

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