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Eric Simmatis

Eric Simmatis, from Canada, is a close up and stage performer, and enjoys several types of genres in magic especially comedy, mysterious and mentalism. His employment in a magic shop gives him the opportunity to test a lot of his magic on magicians. His creations therefore amaze lay people and magicians alike.

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Eric Simmatis
X-Suspense by Eric Simmatis

Eye candy at its best.

Magicians always do card tricks. Why not do something more than just a card trick that will blow everyone's mind? For example, take any two playing cards from the deck, and fold them into 2 little supports. Take the ordinary card box and place it on top of them. This may not seem impressive yet...until you remove one of the structures leaving an impossible image in your spectators mind!

Or perhaps take a pencil and place it onto an ordinary pop can, and on the end of the pencil place the card box leaving a totally impossible image that just can't be explained. All...

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