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Erik Ostresh

Erik Ostresh

Erik has been fascinated with the arts of magic and subterfuge since middle school. Like many, he took a long break from magic as his interests drifted into other areas. Eventually the draw of magic brought him back with a vengeance. Card magic is the one area of the magical arts that he never completely took a break from. It has been at the core of his fascination with magic since his childhood. While many mentalists sheepishly admit to being "closet card guys," Erik turns that on its head by being an unashamed card nut who admits to being a "Closet Mentalist."

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Erik Ostresh
meLt: The Evolution of the Vanishing Deck by Erik Ostresh

This is the best vanishing deck gimmick created to this date.

A spectator picks a card, remembers it, and even signs it. The magician cleanly inserts the card into the front of the pack. He then spreads the deck showing that the card is lost somewhere in the pack. With no funny moves he squeezes the deck and it literally "melts" in his hand, leaving only one card, the spectator's signed selection!

The meLt ebook not only teaches you how to make the is a full 110 page book that includes two routines, instructions on how to make three different versions of the gimmick, and...

★★★★ $20
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