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ESP Card Magic Vol. 16: Various Authors Part 5
by Aldo Colombini

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ESP Card Magic Vol. 16: Various Authors Part 5 by Aldo Colombini
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Several famous performers have contributed to create a high standard product with strong effects and routines.


  • PERSONALITY TEST (Ken de Courcy): You show a chart with ESP symbols. A spectator names his (or her) month of birth and on the same chart the symbol that corresponds to the month is selected. You predicted that symbol.
  • STRICTLY STRAIGHT ESP (Aldo Colombini): A spectator (or more) picks five cards each time forming four packets of five cards each. Each group contains the five ESP symbols.
  • ESP ASSOCIATES (Peter Duffie): A spectator deals two packets of cards at random and finds two matching symbols.
  • ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS (Alan Gardiner): Spectator’s actions result in matching predicted ESP signs.
  • AN HONEST CARD TRICK (Werner Miller): A spectator cuts the deck and you make a prediction. Turning the cards over two at a time, only two symbols match, the ones predicted by you.
  • TRIPLE MATCH (Arun Bonerjee): This is a novelty effect. The performer demonstrates he has a prior knowledge of an ESP symbol using a 12¨ piece of plastic (or wood) and a set of ESP cards.
  • ESP PREDICTION (Graham Reed): Using an envelope a spectator chooses an ESP symbol and you prove you have predicted it.
  • ESP DIE (Arthur Carter): A spectator throws a die to select a card. You have predicted that symbol.
  • FIVE-CARD BRAINWAVE (Jozsef Kovacs): You show five ESP symbols and a spectator picks one (free choice). This is the only one with a different colored back. Then, all the other cards disappear leaving blank-faced cards.
  • STAR CHOICE (Arthur Setterington): You show a prediction. A card is selected and the selected card is a Star. The prediction is a picture of a star…..a movie star.

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