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ESP Signs
by Jens O. Jahn


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ESP Signs by Jens O. Jahn

You get professionally designed ESP symbols:

  • Circle
  • Cross
  • Wave
  • Square
  • Star (in two sizes)
One star version is geometrically the same size as the other symbols. Due to its shape it looks a bit smaller than the other symbols. The second star design is 20% larger to better match the overal appearance of the other symbols.

The files are vector files (SVG format). This means you can blow them up as much as you want without loosing resolution - great for jumbo or giant cards. Each symbol is available in 10 color background combinations. They are:

  • black on white background
  • blue on white background
  • green on white background
  • red on white background
  • yellow on white background
  • blue on black background
  • green on black background
  • red on black background
  • yellow on black background
  • white on black background
But that is not all you get. There is a lot more on the back side. First, you get the back in four colors: black, blue, red, and white (inverse of the black design). Second, you get a version of the back that is a subtle one-way version of the regular back. Third, you get a back version for each design that is marked so that you can know from the back which design the card is. This is easy to read once you know what it is, but hard to spot when you don't know what to look for. And fourth, you get a version of the back for each sign that combines the marking and the one-way marking.

With these designs you can create literally hundreds of combinations of face, back, marked or not. Additionally to the SVG files you get a PDF that gives you an overview of the available designs, as well as explains the clever marking system.

1st edition 2010.

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