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Eugene Edwards

Eugene Edwards

Eugene Edwards is another pseudonym of Edward Gallaway. His more famous pen name is S. W. Erdnase. Edward Gallaway was a prolific writer, printer, circus performer, and cardsharp.

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Eugene Edwards
Jack Pots: stories of the great American game by Eugene Edwards

This is a collection of wonderful poker stories, some obviously pure fiction, some based on true facts, at least some of the actors are historical figures that did indeed exist. It reveals a good amount of how card sharps plied their trade, and illustrates many of the local differences in playing draw poker.

The book has been illustrated by Ike Morgan of Frank Baum and Wizard of Oz fame.

    • What Is Poker
    • Its Origin, And Why We Like It
    • The Early Days Of Poker
    • Steamboat Games
    • A Mammoth Raise
    • Bowie's Good Deed
    • Poker In Washington
    • A Story Of...
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