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Exit 51 by (Benny) Ben Harris

"A beautifully realized moment of astonishment ... the new gimmick is very clever indeed!" - Paul Harris

"A stunning vanishing deck that takes an original idea by Paul Harris and sends it to the moon." - Richard Kaufman

The remarkable effect shifts "the moment" in Paul Harris' amazing Vanishing Deck allowing for a card to be selected and signed.

This selected card is shuffled back into the deck which is then held in full view.

Upon command, the entire deck visually vanishes (that's right - it just blinks out of being) leaving only the chosen card as a poignant applause cue.

Exit 51 is made possible by a devilishly conceived new gimmick. This clever device can be shown cleanly as a single card on both sides, or as a full deck which can be shuffled and cut.

Performed with a selected and signed card Exit 51 is so strong it demands to be used as a closer!

  • no palming
  • no topits
  • no lapping
  • completely self-contained
  • uses any brand of cards
Printed gimmicks included with the book. If you buy the ebook version you will have to print these out yourself.

1st edition 2003, 20 pages.
word count: 4472 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text

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