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Extreme Pickpocketing
by Mats G. Kjellstrom

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Extreme Pickpocketing by Mats G. Kjellstrom

Pluck a selected card from within a shuffled deck inside a closed card box in the spectators jacket pocket! In less of a second!

Detailed Effect:

The spectator selects a card and shows it to the audience and memorizes it, the spectator puts it back anywhere in the deck and then shuffles the cards, then the spectator slides the complete deck into the card case, closes the flap. The spectator puts the card case with the deck in his own outer/external pocket on his jacket. The magician shows his hands empty (the magician can roll up his sleeves, more convincing) and he pulls the correct card out from the closed card case in the pocket in a split second. Looks incredible! You are now the fastest pickpocketing magician in the world. Impressive.

This is not your grandfathers card trick, this makes you look like a real pro without years of practice. If you want, they can have the deck of cards as an souvenir, don't forget to add your signature/autograph on the card case. This effect works anywhere: Street Magic, Close-Up Magic, Parlour Magic, Stage Magic and TV Magic. This is fun magic. Full performing rights for TV. There are two "similar" effects on the market, but, they use a different method.

1st edition 2014, 5 pages.
word count: 1366 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

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