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by Mats G. Kjellstrom


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Jump-O-Ring by Mats G. Kjellstrom

Once upon a time I saw a magician do a routine with three ropes hanging from a stick. At the end of one rope there was a silk. He made the silk to magically jump between the ropes. This was amazing. I wanted to do this, but how? Then I invented this routine that's very impressive. Charles Bertram's old routine "Here, There and Everywhere" has the same effect but the method is very different, my method has the big advantage that you can let the spectator check the rope and knots out before the magic happens! Which makes this an impossible illusion. One nice aspect of Jump-O-Ring is that you can do this close up and with no angle problems. I have done this effect uncountable times and it's still one of my favorite magic effects. You can mix this routine with other rope routines.

Effect: The magician shows a rope with three knots and on one of the outer knots a ring is attached. The spectator can even check the rope and knots out. They are real. Hokus Pokus! The magician swings the rope, wow, the ring has jumped to the other outer knot! Do it again, no, they think this is crazy. The spectator tells that you only changes the rope ends. But, with some "real magic" the ring jumps to the center knot. Unbelievable, it looks impossible. Open the knots and show them that the rope and ring is ok. Remember, they examine the rope and ring before the effect plus if they want they can also examine it after. And there is nothing to find. Pure magic.

  • No special ring
  • No switch
  • No slip knot
  • No angle problems
  • No special rope
  • No magnet
  • Use any object

1st edition 2002, 10 pages.
word count: 1742 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

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