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Fabian's Magic Notes
by Will Ayling


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Fabian's Magic Notes by Will Ayling

From the preface:

Fabian's contributions to the Supreme House Journal The MAGIGRAM, the items edited and photographed by the Late Lewis Ganson, will be well known to so many magicians throughout the World.

Acknowledged for their novelty, routine and presentation, the tradition is continued within these pages, the effects forming the lecture notes of Colombini. The items are described and photographed in detail so that the reader may be able to duplicate the tricks etc., without actual recourse to the lecture itself.

  • Fabians Sympathetic Ropes
  • The Three Ropes
  • Aye
  • Chinese Coin
  • Trio
  • Cards And Ropes
  • Fabian's Book Of Previsions
  • The Recurring Card
  • Two Mind
  • Kiss Me
  • Sleight Of Foot!
  • Fabian's Another Chinese & Silver Move
  • Fabian's Spinning Plate On Hindu Rope
  • Fabian's Face To Face Switch
  • Fabian's Five + Three = Eight
  • Fabian's Regenerating
  • Fabian's Comedy Cut & Restored Ropes
1st edition 1986, 52 pages; PDF 56 pages.
word count: 9425 which is equivalent to 37 standard pages of text