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Oriental Conjuring and Magic
by Will Ayling & Sam Sharpe


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Oriental Conjuring and Magic by Will Ayling & Sam Sharpe

This ebook is almost an encyclopedia of Indian, Chinese and Japanese magic. It consists of two parts. The first part is an index, reference and bibliography compiled by Sam Sharpe. The second part, researched and written by Will Ayling, describes all 101 effects from Sharpe's index.

You will learn about fantastic effects such as buried alive, sword swallowing, pulse stopping and snake charming. But it is not all about geek magic. There is also a lot of close up magic, stage magic and illusions. The 101 effects described are:

  1. The Psychology of the Indian Conjurer
  2. The Bamboo Rods and Strings (The Hindu Wands)
  3. The Indian Link Trick. The Chinese Rings.
  4. The Indian Sands. The Colour Changing Sands.
  5. Producing Marbles and Leaden Balls from the Mouth
  6. The Cups and Balls
  7. The Broken and Restored Cotton
  8. The Mango Tree
  9. The Indian Basket Trick
  10. The Bunder Boat
  11. The Suspended Bowl of Rice. The Suspended Prayer Vase.
  12. The Ring on Wand
  13. The Cut and Restored String or Turban
  14. The Egg Bag
  15. The Appearance of Marks on the Hand
  16. The Diving Duck
  17. The Indian Rope Trick
  18. Production of Snakes and Crocodiles in a Cloud of Dust
  19. Snake charming
  20. Running a Dagger into the Cheek. Piercing the Tongue, and similar feats. (See 73, 83, 86)
  21. The Aerial Suspension. The Sword Suspension. Human Levitation.
  22. The Production of Sparrows from a Basket
  23. To Make an Article Travel of its Own Accord
  24. Threading Beads in the Mouth. The Needle Threading Trick.
  25. Changing Beans into Snakes, or Stones into Scorpions.
  26. Eating the Leaves of the Prickly Pear
  27. Laying One's Stomach on the Edge of a Sword, and Sword Walking
  28. Causing Blood to Flow and Stop Flowing from the Arm
  29. Eating Pounded Glass, and Dancing on Glass
  30. Swallowing Pebbles, etc.
  31. Sabre Swallowing
  32. Invulnerability to Red-hot Iron, and Fire Walking
  33. The Chinese Marble Trick and Other Sleights
  34. Fire Eating and Smoke Blowing
  35. The Japanese Butterflies
  36. The Japanese Picture
  37. The Bowl of Water Production
  38. The Jumping Plume. The Jumping China Rabbit. The Jumping Duck.
  39. The Japanese Obedient Ball on String.
  40. The Feast of Lanterns.
  41. The Dancing Figure (Chinese?)
  42. Ropes Through Neck, Ropes, Rings and Coat, and similar Tricks.
  43. The Hindu Lota. The Ching Ling Foo Can.
  44. Flower Changing into Goldfish in Cup.
  45. Twenty Colour Changing Coins.
  46. Torn and Restored Paper.
  47. Buried Alive.
  48. Japanese Magic Mirrors
  49. The Indian Cooking Trick
  50. Ball of Wool Swallowed and Reproduced from a Cut in the Stomach
  51. The Human Stove
  52. The Production of Coconuts from the Performer's Mouth
  53. The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie
  54. The Rice Bowls
  55. The Vanishing Rice (Japanese)
  56. Snowstorm in Japan. Plum Blossom in the Wind. Autumn Leaves.
  57. Tissue Changed into an Egg (Max Sterling Egg)
  58. Instantaneous Incubation
  59. Coins and String
  60. The Flying Chopstick
  61. Production from Box
  62. The Broken Chopstick
  63. Suspended Cups of Water from Fan
  64. Japanese Postcard Divination
  65. Fire, Water and Globe of Goldfish Produced from Tub
  66. Vanishing Rice From Cup
  67. Tapping Stick in Bottle
  68. Water Passed from Bottle to Bottle
  69. Plate Spinning
  70. Japanese Boiling Water Ordeal
  71. Vanished Ring Found in Egg
  72. Coin Changed into a Stone
  73. A Stone Lifted by the Eyes or Tongue (see 20)
  74. The Ten Ichi Water Fountains (Japanese)
  75. Swallowing a Barrel of Water (Burmese)
  76. Sleights with Chickens (Port Said)
  77. Yogi Gold From Fire
  78. The Zulu Obedient Floating Log
  79. Summoning The Scents (Indian)
  80. Pulse Control
  81. The Han Ping Chien Coins
  82. The Hindu Talisman
  83. Padlock Through Cheek (See 86, 20)
  84. The Chinese "Chefalo" Knot
  85. The Jumping Egg
  86. Knife Through Nose
  87. Silks From Mouth
  88. Ring Changes to another Ring and Lump of Metal
  89. Colour Changing Slips of Paper and Water
  90. Escape from Ropes and Sack
  91. Various Changes in a Small Box
  92. The Indian Bow Trick
  93. Water Frozen in the Hand
  94. The Organ Pipes
  95. The Animated Leaves
  96. Long Paper Ribbon From a Bowl of Shavings
  97. Shower of Nuts from a Handkerchief
  98. Magnetic Arrows
  99. Dismembering and Re-articulating a Man
  100. The Indian Nose Ring
  101. The Japanese Ever-Flowing Kettle

1st edition 1981, 384 pages; 1st digital edition 2015, 393 pages.
word count: 108199 which is equivalent to 432 standard pages of text