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Facebook Prediction
by Rupesh Thakur

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Facebook Prediction by Rupesh Thakur

[Note: Rohit Gupta contacted us in 2018 that he created and published the same method in 2014, predating this publication. We checked and he indeed published it at that time and should therefore be credited as the originator of this method. Rupesh Thakur maintains that he independently created the method, which for anybody who is familiar with Facebook would not be that hard.]

Casual predictions:

Predict anything you want. From a visit to a planet of choice of your friend, to presidential elections to rugby matches, to superbowl results, to even a sweet little prediction if your newborn baby is going to be a girl or a boy - surprise your spouse, or grandma. Imagine making a prediction to your mom what dish she will cook tonight. Long ago before she even enters kitchen. From all types of fun little sweet predictions to serious professional predictions.

Corporate predictions:

How about you predicting a business meeting outcome? How about prediction months ago who is going to be elected president of the club. How about predicting a job position of your colleague.

Stage performances:

Did I forget to mention the old standby for all magicians - card prediction? That's the easiest. How about a chair prediction already posted on your timeline. Yes I do need to mention this. You predict the outcome 24 hours before! And your spectators can verify the post. It's indeed posted 24 hours ago. No cheating here!

Here is a typical scene. You are online chatting on Facebook, or whatsapp or whatever, casually you ask your client or friend one card they would choose to win an imaginary poker game - that one card they need most, and finally you point them to YOUR facebook timeline where you have posted a prediction. The very same card. At least one week ago. Seriously ONE WEEK AGO. Again No cheating. It is posted one week ago!

And no you don't add or remove to the prediction after you have posted it. No tweaking the prediction text after you know the card. No fumble. You do write your prediction long time before you even get to chat with your friend etc. Pretty sneaky huh?

Yes, that's true in every single word if it. You write the prediction you want. Even one month ago. No problem! You don't write or change the text again. Write it forget it. There is no assistant needed. Performing for friends and client online is easy. Yes, you can do it. Single handed easily. You also have options to have forces or pictures on your page of anything you like and have that appear in your Facebook status. It will appear to be updated/uploaded hours or weeks ago and the Facebook will be in current time.

1st edition 2015, 8 pages.
word count: 1438 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text