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PYO Book Test
by Dee Christopher


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PYO Book Test by Dee Christopher

"Dee shared with me this concept and I must say that is really something smart and revolutionary. Being able to spark your own creativity and let the book fit your persona as performer and not in reverse. I did this years ago with my own book tests (in Spanish) but in here Dee is giving you all that work and much more. I recommend without a doubt this great release." - Pablo Amira (Mentalism Author)

"You should be charging WAY more for this!!" - Alan Rorrison (Consultant for Dynamo & Troy TV shows)

The book test is a classic in mentalism and mental magic. Every professional show demonstrating the power of mind reading should include a solid book test as a staple.

Usually book tests that go beyond a simple "think of a word" routine involve expensive, specially printed books that will tarnish and tear over time. When you purchase the PYO Book Test, you get everything you need to print your own copies of this book test for extremely minimal cost (less than $5!) and the added bonus of performing an astounding book test with your smartphone too.

So what's the effect?

With PYO, you take a book, or a number of different books, and have a spectator turn to any page. They will read silently the first paragraph. As they read, you will begin to pick up impressions; you'll tell them specific things the character is experiencing, whether it's a male or female voice that you're picking up on, and more. Finally, the spectator is to focus on just a single word. You then read their mind and tell them the word they are merely thinking about


  • Single or multiple spectators can be used.
  • Examinable books.
  • Works 100%, every time. No chance of failure.
  • Instant reset and repeatable with different results.
  • It feels like you can see through your spectator's eyes and can describe exactly what they're seeing.
  • Multiple books can be used, or just one book for a streamlined performance.
  • When the book gets a bit destroyed from lots of performances, you can just print another for less than $5 - No more need to buy expensive replacement books!
  • The PDFs you receive can also be loaded on your smartphone, for a full book test routine on the fly!

"Hi Dee, I saw your newsletter first thing this morning and knew this would be a real winner. I don't want to sound corny, but I'm walking around with a big smile on my face. Not only have you shared your brilliant book test but you've allowed it to be customizable and shared your knowledge on the 'how to.' I'm really pleased with my purchase! Many thanks, Paul." - Paul Sharp, Derby Magic Circle.

What You Receive:

When you purchase PYO, you will receive the following items:

  1. Instructions: This will explain the effect, the method, performance and how to easily print book-store grade quality books (glossy, perfect bound) for a low price, with no minimum order.
  2. 1x Book Interior PDF: These files can be printed as normal books using the instructions, or you can put them on your smartphone or tablet for a casual book test on the fly. This can be fully edited at your digression. (Just in case you want to change the title/authors for a joke you use or add/remove anything or even change the size!)
  3. Multiple Book Covers: ?With multiple covers, you can choose what you want your book test books to look and can use multiple books at once! (5x professionally designed book covers with imagery, bar codes and synopsis are included)
  4. Editable Content: After thinking long and hard, I have decided to include fully editable content. As well as the print-ready files, you will also receive an easy to edit word document of the book interior and ALL of the book covers as PSD files to edit in Photoshop if you so wish. This is not a necessity, but an added bonus for the creative types!

"Wow! Dee's clearly either stupid or very generous. For this price it's a steal, really! No longer do you need to handle your "cheap" novel like it cost 200 dollars. I've already started planning on some modifications I will add to it, and I think that's the beauty of this, you can modify it to suit your needs. I would say, rush and buy it now for a slightly reduced price, but to be honest, I think the full price is more than agreeable and Dee deserves that for the work that clearly has gone in to this." - dyoung - The Magic Cafe

"My dear friend Dee, just sent me his latest work. I knew he was working very hard on this project from long time and I have to say is worth it the wait. What you will get is a full package (sent via email) which will allow you to make your own book test. You will find everything (and I really mean everything) in this package, from cover files, interior of the book and much more, and also you can personalize the cover and the interior too (and once you know the method you can use any language). Is a very straight forward book test, easy to do and very direct (my kind of things). The price is a joke, really, for all the work he did it should cost more I think, at this price you can't go wrong, and you will have a book test (even a set of books if you want to make it) that you can perform all the time." - Luca Volpe (Mentalism Author & Cruise Ship Mentalist)

"This is a EPIC book test. He gives you everything you need to do this amazing feat of mentalism. I've been a fan of Dee's for years, but in all honesty I think this is my favorite release of his. I would have gladly paid a lot more for this. It's crazy cheap for what you get. I'm adding this to my act, and I hardly EVER add new material. BRAVO!!" - Morgan Strebler (Liquid Metal)

1st edition 2015

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 24 February, 2017

I love mentalism book tests. They are classic, crowd-pleasing, and just plain fun to do. I also love the many different methodologies and routines--from Marc Paul's hilariously bold AAA Book Test to Ted Karmilovich's MOABT to Rick Roth's spooky Outlaw Effects stuff. I have dozens of them. Some are relatively inexpensive (Paul Romhany's travel book, for example, is a bargain) while others like the aforementioned MOABT are quite pricey. Out of the pack comes crazy--and I mean that in a good way--Dee Christopher who gives you his book test which you can customize and print anyway you want. For cheap. Really cheap. Someone spilled coffee on your "Print Your Own" book? No sweat, replacement is about $5. Want to do something different and add Larry Becker's Flashback feature to the book? It's easy to edit the file and do so. Don't like the cover options? Make one of your own. The possibilities are unlimited--and you have an endless supply of replacement books.

As others have said, this is a bargain, a great bargain. Dee obviously spent many hours putting together the files that you need to print your own books, including giving you a choice of five different color covers. And if you follow his instructions and zip on over to, you can put together a book and have it in the mail to yourself in no time for a pittance. (I live in a far flung place off the grid. The U.S. postage for shipping cost more than printing the book, but the total was still about $7.) With a little more work, you don't even have to get it printed you can make an ebook. You can't beat that deal.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the book test itself is pretty awesome. It's not just about divining the first or last word on a page. By just knowing the page number, you can tell your spectators pretty much what is on the page in a lot of detail. (Dee candidly admits that he took a "page" from Outlaw Effects stunningly brilliant methodologies.)

So to sum up, here's a DIY book test that is fast, cheap, and terrific. What else do you need to be convinced? Highest recommendation.

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