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Faro Exposed
by Alfred Trumble

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Faro Exposed by Alfred Trumble

At one point it was believed that only one copy of this book existed. This and other myths are addressed in the introduction by Frank Lehmann, who has studied this book in detail.

The book exposes various ways in which the game of Faro was crooked. It was a very popular betting game in the United States and usually was rigged in one way or another. It was published by Richard K. Fox, the proprietor of the Police Gazette.

  • Introduction
  • Part I
    1. The Game Of Faro
    2. The Cards In Faro
    3. Dealing The Cards
    4. Keeping The Game
    5. Technical Terms Used In Faro
    6. Laws Of The Game
    7. The Chances Of The Game
  • Part II
    1. First Introduction Of Faro Into America
    2. Dealing Boxes
    3. Improvements In The Game
    4. Skin Faro Games
    5. The Gaff
    6. The Coffee Mill
    7. The Horse Box
    8. Roughed Cards Or Strippers
    9. Sanded Cards
    10. Rounds
    11. Snow Outs
    12. Squared Sights And Tie Ups
    13. The Odd Card
    14. Tongue Tell
    15. The Sand Tell
    16. Corking The Checks
    17. Dropping
    18. The Horse Hair
  • Part III
    1. Dangers Of Modern Faro
    2. Putting Up The First Turn
    3. Putting Up Splits
    4. Putting Up Cards To Win Or Lose Out
    5. Chopping Out
    6. Breaking Even
    7. The Last Turn
    8. The Skill Of Skin Gamblers
    9. Some Sensible Advice
  • Conclusion

1st edition 1882, 72 pages; PDF 67 pages.
word count: 28088 which is equivalent to 112 standard pages of text

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Gambling / Cheating, Cons, Scams & Protection

Magic & Conjuring / Published 1800-1899