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3 Disk Monte
by Max T. Oz


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3 Disk Monte by Max T. Oz

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You will get both a PDF and a video (download from your digital shelf).

3 Disk Monte is a variation of the street hustle often played with cards. Three black face down disks, one with a white dot, are mixed. The spectator tries to guess which disk is the one with the white dot. The disks have increasingly gained popularity due to their visibility and handling. This PDF illustrates and describes the various sleights that can be used while performing this effect. Topics include the basics plus some of the more advanced moves that can be used.

  • The Disks
  • The Mat
  • Working Height
  • The Hype
  • Vertical Hype
  • The Mix
  • Advanced Secret Stuff
  • Double Lift
  • Top Change
  • The Mexican Reverse Hype Turnover
  • Extra Extra: Playing with an Extra Winning Disk
  • Sneaky Display
  • Tenkai to Table Gag
  • Three disks on One Hand
  • Final Thoughts

In this video, Max teaches the basics you'll need to perform 3 Disk Monte. Discussed and demonstrated are the props required, the proper way to toss and hype with the disks, and the mixing of the disks.

One of the big practical advantages here is that disks cannot be blown away by a gust of wind, which makes this ideal for street performances. The illusion is enhanced by the audible 'thud' sound the disks make when they are dropped on the table. The fact that the disks are solid further suggests subconsciously that they can't be easily manipulated or exchanged.

You will learn what Max uses as his performance surface and where you can purchase a set of disks. But it wouldn't be too hard to take a hole-saw and cut out disks from a sheet of wood/plastic/metal, and sand, polish and paint them. You might even find appropriate round coasters to use.

1st edition 2017, PDF 47 pages, video length 24 minutes.
word count: 4826 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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