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Who says Christianity is all about boring doctrines and complex jargon? Although Christian fiction is hard to define - oftentimes not explicit in their Christian themes - they always have a deeper meaning as foundation for the plot. Regardless of your religious affiliations, you will find universal themes of love, hope, forgiveness, reconciliation, resilience, and many more interwoven into the fabric of intriguing storylines. The novels are not mere heart-warming tales either; almost every genre of fiction is amply represented in Christian fiction, from tales of adventure to gripping thrillers, love stories to suspenseful mysteries - readers will almost certainly find their niche in such a treasure-trove. So feel free to begin your foray into this mound of treasure by browsing our catalogue!

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Jerry Andrus
The Right Hand of God by Jerry Andrus

A story that speaks against nuclear warfare through a biblical creation and destruction story.

1st edition 2015, 8 pages.

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