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Fifty Fifty
by Gerard Zitta

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Fifty Fifty by Gerard Zitta


Somebody hides a coin in one of their hands, and the mentalist has to guess or predict which one: Left or Right?

This method uses classic techniques and is probably the simplest, the most direct, the safest, and probably the boldest one! It can be done separately, or embedded with other methods, or used as an out. Its major advantage is that it will not be perceived as a logic puzzle, and will really leave an impression of free choice. It will kill all previous solutions of potential methods (logic, electronic, gimmicked, etc.) that Cartesian spectators might suspect.

Another important point is that it works also if the participant makes a mistake or tries to cheat. No other method can avoid this, even if it is very clever.


  • The spectator can cheat (by hiding the coin in their pocket for instance).
  • 100% freedom: No procedure, no rules. The participant can do and say what they want, change their mind, lie constantly or not, no force, etc.
  • Impromptu (with a minor preparation for the day)
  • 100% reliable: No risk of misunderstanding by the participant. You will always win.
  • No gimmick, no logic, no maths, no memory, no difficulty. Does not use any of the principles based on logic or liar/truth
  • No electronics. (Do it with a paper bullet or a banknote instead of a coin).
  • No assistant, no pre-show, no dual reality, no stooge of any kind.
  • No sleight of hand
  • Quick, simple, easy direct and practical. Does not need complex explanations, protocol or procedure, No restrictive rules.
  • Flexible. Use your own presentation. Magic or mentalism.
  • Instant reset.
  • Works in any language.
  • Cannot be repeated in front of the same audience. Use this to close your "Which hand" routine.
  • Needs a minor preparation.

1st edition 2016, 9 pages.
word count: 3019 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text