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by Gerard Zitta

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Transaction by Gerard Zitta

Here is another ploy to the Monty Hall problem, one of the most unexplored plots in magic and mentalism.

In this version, the mentalist plays the role of the candidate, and the participant plays the role of the host. As many people nowadays know the Monty Hall paradox or can search for it on the net, the game is made slightly more complex, in order to avoid any probabilities: The player can also play the role of a corrupt presenter if they wish. He can secretly steal the prize behind the third door, making it impossible for you to win the Ferrari! All this will allow you to mix mentalism and comedy, with audience participation.


The TV game as it was broad-casted in the 60's with Monty HALL (during thirteen years), was proposing a choice to a candidate among three closed doors. Behind one of them, there was a fantastic price (like a car), and behind the two other ones, a cheap or funny prize (like a goat).

The player must choose a door, without opening it. Then, the presenter opens a door that has a goat behind it. (He is the only one to know where the Ferrari is.) The spectator needs now to decide to stick to the initial position, or to open the third door.

You will need to print 4 business cards (or JUMBO cards for bigger sizes) with public domain images contained in this e-book. They will represent the 3 doors and the extra "Goat". The effect can also be entirely improvised by writing or drawing the prizes on the back of identical index cards or coasters, etc.

  • Entertaining, audience participation.
  • Ideal for close-up, but also for parlour or stage. Packs Small, Plays Big: A little act in itself.
  • Direct, flexible, no sleights, no reset, no force, no gimmick, no markings, no pre-show, no double reality, no stooge of any kind, no outs, etc.
  • Easy to do, easy method
  • Can be repeated in front of the same audience with the exact same presentation if you wish
  • Adapt the prizes to your audience or venue (bars, restaurants, conventions, parties, etc.).
  • Can not be done with a child, but could be performed for a children's audience.

1st edition 2016, 12 pages.
word count: 3125 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text