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First Impression(s)
by Michael Paul


(1 review, 3 customer ratings) ★★★

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First Impression(s) by Michael Paul

This is the piece that Kenton Knepper called "Brilliant". Alain Nu and Luke Jermay both gave this the thumbs up. Craig Browning flipped over it. But what exactly is it?

This is not a magic trick. This is real mind control. Yes, seriously.

First Impression(s) was written for anyone that uses business cards to promote their magic or mentalism business. First Impression(s) will teach you a special way of designing your card that will influence others to show it to every one they know. This is not a "Magic trick" as you would typically think of it.

This is the business card layout, powerful cold/warm reading script, and influence techniques that could increase your bookings dramaticaly. You'll recieve the layout instructions, full script for influencing your spectator (detailing the real world psychology behind how it works), and presentations for close up and stage. That's right... you can influence an entire audience from stage in just a few short sentances!

"Do you think we could keep this one just between us?" - Alain Nu

1st edition 2008; 16 pages.
word count: 4124 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Etienne Lorenceau (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 30 May, 2013

The idea of the author is fundamentally brilliant and it works. Patrons will show the card to several people and may even try and use it for a while for their own profit. Now it seems to me that the author is pushing his great idea in the wishful thinking zone when he suggests not to mention the Tel number to lead the prospects into getting into the performer's website. This shows, in my opinion, that he doesn't fully knows how people rich enough to hire a magician, operate in their daily life. A wealthy patron receives many cards almost daily and gives it to his assistant to enter in his computer. If the phone number is not on there, he will not spend the time to look for it in the website. He'll ask his assistant to look for the number but will resent having had to do this. Driving the patron to look into the website is a good idea in itself but it should be done differently and during the time that the prospect is still under the charm of "first impression" (and that will not last for ever: at best a couple of days). Therefore I would suggest that the tel number should be on the card but that some of the questions raised by the card get their "detailed personal answers' on to the website. If the prospect has to enter his email to access the website, then it's simple to have the website automatically directing him to some right brain left brain cold reading pages -and have a random selection of several pages for each brain side so that if he shows the site to a friend after showing him the business card, they don't get the same description (keeping a tag however for the same person always getting the same comment). Detailed cold reading description can be copied from books on the subject. Now this positive criticism shouldn't deter smart magicians from purchasing the book as the fundamental idea remains totally proper and valid. It can be just used as such or open many cold reading possibilities like Kenton Knepper's "Completely Cold" which, by the way could easily be programmed on a web site instead of pre-entering cold reading pages. Now the First Impression commercial aim could be completed by including a justified exchange of business card and asking the patron's birthday (or wedding day) to be written on his card. Then the magician gets an info where HE can call the patron a few week in advance from his birthday, referring to his own First Impression business card, and suggest a gig

A fantastic commercial and magical idea that should be pushed further either by the author or by the reader.

A book definitely worth purchasing