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Fistfull of Stones: Found & F.U.N. Series
by Ken Muller


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Fistfull of Stones: Found & F.U.N. Series by Ken Muller

This is the third eBook in the series and a companion to Single Stone, and Pair fo Stones with completely different effects and additional sleights/moves plus special stratagems to take advantage of the unique qualities of "3-4 objects."

Learn how to use three objects like walnuts or candy to perform astounding and entertaining illusions of transportations, penetrations and transpositions and productions. There is a large focus on assembly effect

A blending of sway methods, innovative sleights, insightful stratagems and the elements of performance using 'found' objects in a true impromptu setting. (Many techniques can be used in other venues/settings.)

This is a 'stand alone' eBook. Having read the other eBooks of this series is an advantage but not required, thought effects from both can be combined in a routine with these new effects.

FOUND - an object from the location: candy, pebble, nut, coffee creamer, etc. Nothing from your person, carried, prepared, or gaffed. Just a 'stone' in reference.

IMPROMPTU - in response to a sudden request or chance opportunity.

FistFull - a dozen Effects and Performance Modules using 3-4 objects known to the audience using your hands spectator hand or found containers. The key is "not one or two, and less than a bunch." Strong magic effects are possible by understanding and taking advantage of the unique perceptions of 3-4 objects.

F.U.N. - a full exploration of "when" and "why" as well as detailed "how" based on Foresight, Utility, and Nurturing. (planning, audience engagement, and review/learning). Each effect is described with full attention to how to make the presentation engaging, relevant, appropriate, and memorable.

APPENDIX/GUIDE - a glossary of terms with references to full descriptions. It can be opened alongside the main document for easy reference and learning of unique concepts, moves, sleights, and stratagems. These can be used in many other effects as well. As a bonus, additional sleights are offered for innovation or repeat performances.

Other eBooks in this series focus on "Single Stone," "Pair of Stones," "Pile of Stones," "Yours, Not Mine (borrowed objects like rings or coins), and "Treasure Basket."

Watch for new ebooks with routines of combined effects from this series.

WARNING! These profound magic effects may be more powerful and memorable than your favorite routines that might follow in a scheduled performance. Imagine - two pieces of different color candy are visibly dropped into a dish and held by a spectator. She chooses one and it falls through the bottom of the dish into your waiting, empty hands. Or, perform a greatly enhanced version of the popular "Two in Hand" with hands shown empty throughout and a surprise ending.

Moderate hand manipulation skills required plus live performance experience. Many of your practiced coin or ball techniques will apply, but new techniques will be taught to enhance their application and effectiveness. You get 117 pages of detailed instructions, plus the support guide for the 17 effects and the building blocks for a hundred more.

Note: many of these techniques/methods can be used with borrowed or provided objects like coins, fingerings, or fuzzy balls, but the focus here is "impromptu" and "found." Some sleights require a 'roundish' object and do not work well with flat objects like coins. But, sway methods can be used to enhance your current coin or C&B routines.

The requested price is ridiculously low to allow every magician to enhance his/her ability to perform better magic with no purchase of expensive props or gimmicks. I can no longer perform, so I am passing my innovations along to those whose hands still work.

1st edition 2021, PDF 118 pages.
word count: 54940 which is equivalent to 219 standard pages of text