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Five Mind Reading Acts Exposed
by unknown


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Five Mind Reading Acts Exposed by unknown

Five Mind Reading Acts Exposed was written prior to 1940 and upon reading the 12 pages of instruction you realize that everything old is new again. Although all the routines are designed for a two person act some of the ideas contained can be adapted for a single performer. No author is credited and it is a compilation of secrets of acts of that era.

Act No. 1 is the reading of dates on coins sealed in envelopes. Today’s mentalists could combine this with Psychometry and Cold Reading to use as a feature in their act.

Act No. 2 is a preamble to the question answering act of Falkenstein. It’s method is reminiscent of the possible way Dunninger and Kreskin performed their miracles.

Act No. 3 tells the secrets of learning private information of locals that attend the performance. I have personally utilized a similar system for getting advance information about audience members.

Act No. 4 reveals a simple two person code easily learned in under an hour by an "En Rapport" couple. After learning the basic code it can be personalized and built to a larger presentation of object revelation.

Act No. 5, The Hoodoo Act is a home entertainment that I remember doing when I had just entered my teens. It is so old that it has been forgotten to the point where two people can pull it off today and fool most people after only two minutes of intellectual preparation.

The five acts presented are at least 65 years old but with proper showmanship they are as new and as entertaining as anything you will buy from today’s magic advertisements.

- C.D.S.

1st edition, 1941, Johnson Smith & Company, Detroit, Michigan; 12 pages.
word count: 3475 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text