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by Jack Dutton
Windows | by download [2.43 MByte]  
ForeDate by Jack Dutton

If you perform the “Day for any Date” effect (or intend to add it to your repertoire), ForeDate is the software to help you practice your skills and polish your performance.

Learning the maths involved in the 'Day for any Date' effect is not hard - providing yourself with realistic practice situations is. ForeDate is designed to help with that. It acts as a virtual audience: choosing dates and expecting you to come up with the actual day for that date.


  • The program works with years between 1582 and 2200
  • You can determine any span of years (1996 - 2003, for example)
  • You can choose to work with any single year
  • To further aid your practice you can direct the way leap years appear: never, always, at random
  • You can also request that the program warns you when a leap year has been chosen
  • You have total flexibility over the choice of months; the program can select at random from any month, or within your predetermined selection
  • The date format can be adjusted to suit your requirements: Month-Date-Year or Date-Month-Year
  • You have full control over the delay before the program reports the actual day - from almost half a minute, to a blisteringly fast few seconds.
  • Again, to aid your training you can select single date delivery (a date is created only when you press "Start"). Or multiple date delivery; where a string of dates follow each other in sequence (you choose how many: 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10)
  • The most unique feature, however, is that the program supports speech. Now you can hear dates being called to you, so you don't even have to look at the screen. With this, 'virtual audience' asking you about specific dates you can sharpen your skills and polish your performance in as realistic a way as possible.
  • You can customise the look of the Calendar screen by dragging in different images. Bored with that mountain? Drag in a cute frog, or reward yourself with a handful of jelly beans. You can drag in your own images too, or download custom collections of our very own 'Background Images'.
Note: Just like our popular 20-20 Memory software, this program does not teach the mathematical systems or memory strategies needed to perform the 'Day for any Date' effect. However, for those who need more information about the systems, the program contains a number of links to excellent sources in books and on the internet.
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