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Fortune Teller Waits
by Mystic Alexandre

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Fortune Teller Waits by Mystic Alexandre

A strong, original, easy, self-working, playing card method and routine where you introduce fortune teller Lucia and tell the subject she had an interesting and peculiar way of doing fortune telling readings and you'd like to show it to them. The subject will have three important choices to make leading to a baffling and mysterious conclusion.

You can convincingly point out in the presentation that a different choice would've led to a different result. That's clear. Yet the whole thing seems to have been mysteriously ordained, and the subject is blessed with a positive message.

The method can be used in different ways if you choose not to go with this presentation, but this is a cool presentation that comes with fortune teller Lucia's very special flyer, and an excellent poem written by Lucia at the time, that can be printed on the back of the flyer or used on its own if you choose, though I use both printed back to back for the ultimate finale.

The method is innovative, self-working, and easy, but not repeatable to the same subject with this particular presentation.

All the details come in a 25 minute downloadable video with Mystic Alexandre. You also get the special flyer and the special poem as images to be printed on aged paper for authenticity (aged paper easily purchased online).

In the radiance of the moon's glow,
Lucia sees what you ought to know.
For just $12.95, my dear,
Fortune's secrets, to you, I'll steer.
Neglect this chance, and you might find,
Good fortune's hand remains behind.

Listen to the lady ... buy now!

1st edition 2023, video 25:15 + two images for printing.

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