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Four-Midable Coin Creations
by Mark Leveridge

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Four-Midable Coin Creations by Mark Leveridge

Four coin routines that do not require any gimmicks.

Cash Withdrawal - a spectator marks one of five coins with his initials and the chosen coin is dropped into an envelope and left in view. The other four coins are held in a spectator's closed fist. Instantly the envelope is torn up and the vanished signed coin is found in amongst the other four coins in the onlooker's closed hand.

Seeker Coin - a freely selected (and signed if you wish) card is shuffled back into the deck which is boxed. A coin, which is marked with a spectator's initials, vanishes and when the pack is removed from the box, is found in the centre of the deck resting on the selected card.

Loose Change - two coins have coloured stickers on them, one yellow both sides, the other green. The green one is dropped into a brass box and left on the table. The yellow coin is placed under a handkerchief and held by a spectator. Despite these test conditions, the two coins change places.

Magnetic Coins - two half dollars are tipped from a purse and covered by two cards. Instantly they jump together under a single card. Splitting them up, the coins are covered again, only once more to end up together. Finally, one coin is sealed back in the empty purse and the other coin is vanished, only to appear inside the purse with the first one.

No gimmicked coins are required for any of these effects and all the handlings have been devised with practicality in mind.

1st edition 2023; PDF 29 pages.
word count: 7221 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

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